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We offer the opportunity to experience the powerful and life-changing moment of true connection with self and others, working with horses  one-on-one, as a couple, a family or come experience innovative team building workshops and mindfulness retreats.  Click here to schedule an individual or group session.  Click here for upcoming events and click here to design and schedule a team-building workshop.

Horses are 100% focused on the present. They don’t dwell in the past or worry about the future.  Just being around them can help us slow down, focus and become present and attuned to ourselves and our environment, access intuition and rediscover true self.

We utilize life principles in a non-judgmental environment with instant feedback from a horse with no agenda!

“Powerful and life changing – the highlight of my year, thank you.” – Recent Client

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No previous horse experience is necessary or expected; activities do not always include horseback riding.