Passion and Experience

Certified Equine Professional, Coach, Healer and Retreat Facilitator

If you are an equine professional or therapist, who is interested in learning about providing equine assisted learning or equine assisted therapy to your clients, click here to schedule an appointment with Kelly. Kelly is able to offer one-on-one mentoring with safe horses in a quiet and peaceful facility. She will patiently teach the basics of horsemanship, the basics of what a therapy or learning session might look like, all about horse behavior and how connection in relationship can change how we interact with these honest social animals. Kelly is also available to consult on potential horse purchases, working through concerns about equine welfare and burnout, and how to create a safe and therapeutic setting.

Kelly Jones realized in 2013 that she wanted to devote her life to the work of educating humans about horse’s and horse behavior, while partnering with them to bring healing and hope to the community.

Twenty years of daily hands-on experience owning and managing a horse boarding facility and lesson program, provided Kelly with a lot of insight into how horses thrive and relate to humans. In 2013 Kelly attended a Natural Lifemanship training and then served as an intern at an equine therapy facility for 7 months with the founder of the model. Taking this knowledge, and her lifelong love of and passion for horses,Kelly created a new and innovative approach to partnering with these magnificent animals.

Kelly Jones is a certified equine professional with the Natural Lifemanship Institute. She is passionate about supporting people who are struggling with that feeling of being stuck, who want to break through unhealthy patterns of behavior that are affecting their relationships and quality of life. Through her innovative method of partnering with horses, whether in a team with a licensed mental health professional or as a facilitator of coaching and workshops, her clients gain awareness, and experience a lifelong transformational shift as they reconnect to themselves and others. This journey helps them gain clarity and confidence, so that relationships improve as they get from where they are, to where they want to be.

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Kelly Jones