Coaching, Retreats, Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy

Unbridled Connection offers mental health services to adults and children in the North Fork Valley and surrounding areas, as well as life coaching, consultation, and mentoring. All services are provided by certified and licensed providers and include CBT, EMDR and other methods in the treatment of psychological disorders.

All team members are trauma-informed and have experience with mindfulness and somatic experiencing to address the lingering symptoms of trauma such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, attachment disorders, chronic pain, and social isolation. Also offered are wellness retreats, team-building workshops, family therapeutic immersions and horse behavior and management consultations. Meet our Team!

Unbridled Connection was created in response to a calling to passionately pursue healing with a concentration on teaching heart-centered awareness through the PIE principle, results are fast and long lasting.

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Life Coach

Having a coach that is here with you in this moment, even virtually, can be life-changing. In a world filled with so much input and the unknown in front of us all, it is vital to learn how to stand firm and maintain a sense of self in order to connect to others authentically and experience joy and peace right here and right now.

I specialize in working with women who are feeling stuck during a transitional period of life. Whether facing the end of a relationship, a career or life change, a big decision or simply overwhelmed and unable to move forward, I can help you reconnect to your true self so that you can move forward.


Mindfulness is defined as actively seeking an awareness of the present moment and acknowledging physical sensations, current feelings and emotions. Heart-Centered Awareness is waking up from a robotic state and fully engaging in the here and now. This is practicing the very vital bridge between mind and body, and the results happen quickly and the changes are long lasting. Patterns are recognized and intentionally shifted for healthier relationships and better quality of life. Enjoy emotional and physical healing by learning presence and experiencing connection to your true self.

Here is a story published in Equine Leadership, that Kelly wrote about a remarkable young woman healing from a traumatic brain injury.

Retreat Opportunities – Horses, Art and more

Escape from the busyness of life and experience rest, renewal, empowerment, connection and clarity. Whether seeking solace and an opportunity to quiet your mind and reconnect with nature, or searching for an opportunity with your friend, partner, children, family or team, our retreats are thoughtfully planned to bring each participant transformative and memorable life change.

Retreats include art, music, mindful experiences and exercises, equine coaching, and mindful movement. Opportunities are provided for private horseback energy work, yoga, reiki, private art and music sessions and spa treatments, as well as fun group activities at local wineries.

Learning presence, identifying intention and recognizing internal energy changes lives. (The PIE Principle)

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Learn to breathe…Be Still.

Time to Bloom

Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy

With a lifetime of learning and healing from past traumas, along with experience in the outdoors and learning from horses, it is an honor to journey alongside clients and support them them through this process of breaking unhealthy patterns affecting quality of life and relationships. Teaching presence and being present with clients is necessary in this process, with no agenda and no ego. This is an organic process involving minds, hearts and bodies.

“Yesterday I received the gentlest, and most authentic healing session with Kelly and her horse Summer.  I am amazed at what I was shown by the sweetest spirit, Summer. I gained a different level of presence in my time with her, of being in my body, and having my brain online too. I easily get caught up in my thoughts in life- like most people. Horses are so amazing.

Kelly was an excellent guide for me, helping me to understand why Summer did different movements, or why she didn’t. I was shown how differently she responded to me when I wasn’t doubting myself. I can’t put to words how insightful & wonderful it was. Summer & Kelly both were authentic & loving way-showers. 

I left my session feeling light, energized, totally wowed & grateful. Summer was so special to me yesterday. I have so much to learn by connecting to animals!! I hope this touches someone that is looking for support or a fresh perspective, and that you can find it with the horses & Kelly “ – Casie

Learn and Experience

  • Renewal
  • Emotional resilience
  • True Joy
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Freedom from fear
  • Grief processing
  • Physical pain relief
  • A renewed sense of hope
  • Reconnection to creativity
  • Clarity and better boundary setting
  • What it feels like to trust your intuition
  • Relief from the symptoms of PTSD

Mental Health

How do we do that?

Quieting minds and awakening senses reconnects hearts and souls, enabling increased clarity and experiencing more authentic and meaningful moments on this planet. Our experienced professionals safely provide mindfulness and somatic experiences, with and without horses, in a variety of settings. Virtual and in-person coaching, wellness retreats and executive team building workshops are available.


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