Our Mission: We support first responders and the military, and their families, with a safe, confidential, therapeutic environment that promotes healing through deeper connections and improved relationships. 

The therapy teams we partner with are experienced, well-trained and passionate.  They understand the unique needs of the men and women in uniform.  They provide individualized experiences that will transform lives, focusing on relationships and long-term healing. These experiences help clients deal with trauma and gives them the tools they need to continue serving. We do not take this responsibility lightly, and we honor the privacy and confidentiality of each individual, taking extreme measures to protect identities and keep everyone safe. We are here to offer assistance to those on the front lines, serving our communities and our country. Our goal is to save lives and save families.

In addition to off-setting the costs of working with licensed therapists, we also provide equine assisted activities, such as support groups and family days. Click here for a schedule of our upcoming events.

We are a 501(c)3 registered with the state of Texas, located on peaceful and private 15-acre horse ranch, just north of Austin, in the Texas Hill Country. Want to know more About Us?

Click here for more on our horse therapy program.  The licensed and certified teams of therapists we support, are trained in trauma-focused psychotherapy, utilizing science-based modalities and other experiential and proven methods of helping humans heal from trauma.

Contact us today to come out for a tour or register to experience something life-changing!