How Does a Guided Mindfulness Retreat Help?

A guided mindfulness retreat can help you learn how to quiet your mind and slow down so you can reconnect to your senses, your body, and each moment as you experience it. Click here for more info and to register.

By using our innovative techniques, you begin to notice more about yourself and your surroundings. You recognize that you don’t have to wear a mask or numb.

YOU CAN be present and authentic. YOU CAN tolerate discomfort by leaning into it rather than avoiding it. YOU CAN feel energized and experience freedom from worry and pressure.

Once you allow your body to be fully present where your mind is, your body returns to a state of calm, of peace, of safety. You can now experience and fully enjoy each moment as you live it. You can be a rock in the river, standing firm in who you authentically are and allowing the water to move around you rather than being pushed and pulled by the current.

By practicing mindfulness at this retreat and learning how to become present you will begin to notice that this becomes easier to do in every setting and you will find yourself experiencing joy, engaging in genuine interactions, and having healthier relationships.

Our supportive team will compassionately open space for each person’s individual journey to regain a sense of calm and peace.

Horses do not lie.  Their feedback is instantaneous and authentic, in a beautiful peaceful and safe atmosphere, free of the sounds of civilization.  Once our clients experience what true connection feels like, their lives are transformed, the relationships become healthier through boundary setting, clearer communication, more self-confidence and fully experiencing life’s joys and sorrows.

Our retreats are professionally facilitated by well-trained and experienced compassionate experts who are able to provide participants a truly life-changing experience.  Each workshop is unique and we offer a wonderful variety so you can attend more than one! Click here for more information and to register.

Currently offering mindfulness retreats both in Western Colorado and the Hill Country of Texas.

Each Weekend Includes:

Mindful Movement

Mindful Creative Process


Free Time – Optional Activities TBD



Fire Under the Stars

Local Winery Tour

Includes Accommodations and Meals