Self-Discovery, Fun and Life-Changing!

Join us for a day of mindfulness and empowerment at the beautiful and peaceful South Wind Equestrian Center, located just north of Austin, Texas in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, and begin to develop confidence, communication skills, creativity and personal power.

Drumming Circle – Connection Through Rhythm

This work that we do at South Wind Equestrian and Unbridled Connection is truly life-changing.  Humans get to practice not only re-connecting with themselves and being present, but also how to experience and the sustain authentic warm social connection.

Horses do not lie.  Their feedback is instantaneous and authentic, in a beautiful peaceful and safe atmosphere, free of the sounds of civilization.  Once our clients experience what true connections feels like, their lives are transformed, the relationships become healthier through boundary setting, clearer communication, more self-confidence and fully experiencing life’s joys and sorrows.