What is an Immersion Experience?

Our lives are filled with events, both good and bad.  As social creatures, the human brain is designed to balance these pleasurable and painful experiences, moving back and forth creating resilience to process and easily move through each day with a sense of calm awareness. When we experience repeated painful events, coupled with a sense of overwhelm, burnout and lack of resources, the result can often feel like being stuck.

Whether a big trauma such as an automobile accident, divorce, or loss of a loved one, or repeated daily traumas such as a pandemic, narcissistic abuse, now an empty nester or performing in a new role as newlywed or parent, sometimes we just need some support to get back to a sense of clarity and peace.  Restoring a connection to our wholeness and vitality is possible, through intentional work around immersing our bodies in nature and spending time reconnecting to a sense of presence. Restoring this natural balance in order to create resilience for the next stressor is the goal for a better quality of life and building and maintaining great relationships!

A three-day Immersion Experience includes a cozy stay in a quiet safe well-appointed cabin, high on a Colorado mesa, overlooking the West Elk Mountains in Crawford, Colorado.  A plane flight to Montrose, and then an hour and a half drive to Windflower Ranch, brings into focus the absolute serenity and beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Upon arrival guest’s check-in to the guest cabin, and get settled, overlooking the Grand Mesa, the largest flattop mountain in the world. A private cozy dinner and relaxation await a weary traveler.

The first morning, a hot cup of coffee or tea and nourishing delicious breakfast are served, with welcoming and supportive explanations of the day ahead.  After breakfast, a mindful walk through the high mountain desert terrain sets our bodies up to connect to a feeling of calm, settling into the quiet ranch. Mindful movement and expressive art lead to an introduction to our beautiful herd of horses.

Horses and Healing

Each guest spends time with the herd, as we talk about the beautiful healing effect horses have on humans, their ability to “see” us and help us reconnect to a sense of presence. 

Each guest has the opportunity to pick a partner to work with, to learn from and build a relationship with. After journaling and lunch, the journey to wholeness continues with one-on-one coaching, including mindfulness and somatic experiencing work, to gently loosen stuck energy and start to feel more empowered.

Each experience builds resilience and intelligence within the body, mind and spirit, while nature provides the perfect platform for reconnecting to the Earth and our own sense of True Self. There is plenty of free time to explore and journal, rest, and reflect. The beauty of these experiences is the escape from the day-to-day to relax, heal, and allow for an opportunity to reset and restore connection to self, nature and others. Bathing in absolute quiet, experiencing freedom from pressure and simply breathing …

The final day a trip into town and to see the magnificent north rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, eases participants back into the “real world”. There are also shopping and winery opportunities available in the North Fork Valley, so exploring is encouraged, with extra days available for doing so.

Immersions Include:

  • Accommodations in the Cozy Guest Cabin
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for the length of the Immersion
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Water and Water Bottle
  • All Supplies
  • Two Sessions per Day with the Horses
  • Expressive Art
  • Mindful Movement and Walking
  • Gentle supportive coaching throughout

Cost for One Person $1725, Cost for Two People $2225, Cost for Three $2775

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Here is what others have to say about their Experience:

“It has been a few months since my daughter and I had the pleasure of a
most amazing experience with Kelly and her horses at her ranch. From the
moment we arrived there was a magical, peaceful feeling. We drove up to
the cutest guest cabin that was awaiting us – it had everything we needed
and more. The cabin was spacious but cozy and stocked with coffee,
cocoa, and treats for us. Better yet, we were surrounded with sweeping
views of the property and mountains, horses running, and visits from the
ranch kitties and dogs.

Honestly, It is hard to even describe the experience and feeling of
peacefulness we experienced. We began each morning with a healthy
homecooked meal (that was delicious!), and continued with activities that
awoke our senses and were enjoyable as well. And, I have to mention the
delicious lunches as well!

Mindful walks around the property, experiencing the sounds, sights, and
nature that surrounded us; picking tomatoes from the garden; an art
session that explored our creativity and also created a keepsake; stretching
on the sunny deck; plus plenty of “downtime” for us to relax, to journal, to
take more walks, and nap.

All the elements of the experiences were fabulous, but the true gem was
the time we experienced with the horses. Those amazing, majestic and
insightful animals that we could see running through the property when we
woke up in the morning, were mesmerizing. I think my daughter and I could
have literally sat and just watched the horses all day.

We had time to work with the horses together and individually. It truly was
an experience neither of us will ever forget. I definitely struggle to stay
present and mindful in my daily life and those horses made sure I worked
on that! I enjoyed watching (from far away) my daughter experience a
sense of peace and calm when she was with the horses. It was exactly
what she and I needed to refocus our energies and work on ourselves.

I have been around horse a little bit in my life, but never in this capacity. It
is truly remarkable how they sense things; how they can make you feel;
and the things they taught us to experience when we were with them.

I am not joking when I say my daughter and I would like to come to see
Kelly and visit the magic of the ranch every month. We talk about planning
our next trip to Colorado and often reflect on the time we spent there. If
anyone is feeling like they need a little escape – a chance to be in nature,
to experience the magic of equine therapy, and be treated to an amazing
experience for the whole person, an equine retreat with Kelly is the real deal.” – HL