“While I have known Kelly Jones for less than a year, she has certainly made an impression on me with her profound knowledge and integrity to the art of healing with horses. I’ve personally attended her intensive retreats and can attest her unique gift to nurture, hold space and challenge attendees to greater levels of presence and awareness.” – Chaitali P,  Director of Programming, Miraval Resorts

“It has been really lovely getting to know Kelly and watching her open, soften, and trust throughout this course. Kelly is truly a self-directed learner who takes initiative! Kelly is also very passionate about doing good work in this industry, and I know as long as she stays open and receptive, and keeps learning, growing, and
adapting she will embody her ideals in everything that she does! It has been a delight to walk beside Kelly on this journey, and I look forward to our paths crossing again in the future.” – Leif Hallberg, Masterclass 2020

“God sent me to the best angel He knew would have the greatest healing  I could ever ask for. He sent me to South Winds Equestrian with Kelly. What a wonderful experience. She opened my mind, my heart and my spirit with Assisted Equine Mindfulness Work. She helped me experience healing from my childhood traumas! I no longer have scary night visions! The horses taught me how to be present to the truth and not to listen to my spinning mind. After four sessions with Kelly, I have made leaps and bounds to healing because of Kelly’s expertise and compassion. She is a joy and a gift! God bless her new Colorado home! She has left a beautiful path of a grateful and stronger spirit behind.” L.C. client

“I worked for Kelly at a resort on Lake Travis near Austin. She managed our equine department and a herd of 12 horses. It took me a few weeks to truly grasp the concepts she was teaching me, but once I did the affect it had on my own relationships with our horses was instantaneous. As my relationships with the horses began to grow, the concepts Kelly was teaching me, such as “asking through release” when one of our particularly untrusting horses didn’t want to be caught, began to shine through. By the end of my tenure at the Retreat, I’m proud to say that with Kelly’s mentorship, our most untrusting horse, was the first one to come up to me every day. Kelly’s ability to teach, no matter the situation is top notch and has lasting effects.

Through all of this she opened my eyes and showed me a whole new world of not only working with horses, but also allowing me to add to my knowledge of helping people through crises. We would do training at her facility and it was clear to me that the connection she had with her horses was incredible. She was able to take two of our other staff members, who had limited equine experience, and provide them with an eye-opening experience using her equine therapy techniques and teaching me what to look for and recognize in the process. This allowed us to successfully host an equine assisted therapy event for veterans and their families at the Retreat, without having her on site, that all of our guests raved about and we were able to help them take the first step towards healing.

Kelly has an enormous amount of knowledge and is extremely passionate about helping others and providing mentorship to those who want to learn. Despite the challenges of her having to work remotely with me, she was always willing to provide leadership in any way that was necessary and I never doubted that she had my back when I had to make time sensitive emergency decisions. Kelly is far and away one of the best horsewomen, leader, mentor and friend that anyone could ask for, and I would happily work for her again in a heartbeat. ” – Matt B

“Kelly you are truly gifted with connecting with horses and teaching that to others.  I am looking forward to continuing my journey with horses.   Your facility is the most relaxing place I have ever been to and the caring , calm spirit that surrounds your place is so good for my soul.” – S.A.

“My name is Julie and I am a PATH International Therapeutic Riding Instructor. I was blessed to meet Kelly in October 2019 at a Natural Lifemanship Conference. She was immediately easy to talk too and very informative.   Kelly has been a wonderful mentor to me. She is very passionate about horses and loves to teach. Kelly is always expanding her knowledge regarding relationships, spirituality, the human brain, horses and how we connect with ourselves, horses and others. Kelly is an awesome horse woman and person. I highly recommend Kelly if you are looking for a mentor. She is one of a kind for sure.” – J. Biggs

“What a wonderful place to find you inner peace. Kelly and her horses are amazing and help to show you your true self.” – Tiffany

“This is an awesome place that is run by amazing people. The owner is incredibly gifted and talented! What a gem!” – Mike

“I’ve known Kelly for many years and I reached out to her for help prior to and then during a difficult divorce. I was being pulled in so many different directions…mom, wife, friend, employee, believer, sinner. I was always doing something and not really taking care of myself. I said yes to too much and never left enough margin to just rest. She gave me freedom to walk the labyrinth and to just be with the horses. She helped center my thoughts and focus on what God was saying, what my body was telling me. Through this I was able to connect more deeply to God and to who I truly was. After just the first session at Unbridled Connection, Kelly was able to help me tap into myself, the me that had been stacked underneath years and years of life and trauma. After another session or two, I was able to crawl out from underneath that stack and make choices that had been sitting in front of me for a long time, but I wasn’t able to see clearly until that moment. Clarity is such a wonderful thing! I realized that I had been in a fog from heavy emotional abuse and control for over a decade and now I saw the truth. I felt a peace that I’ve never felt before as Kelly explained a lot of science on how our brains and bodies process trauma and then shared how to work my way out of it. Kelly is patient, kind, giving and full of knowledge. I don’t consider myself a victim anymore…I’m a survivor!” – L.B.

“I had the pleasure of visiting South Wind Equestrian Center at sunrise one morning. The horses were gorgeous there, with the sun rays shining through the trees. So peaceful. I think “peaceful” is the keyword that sums up the medicine I felt in the presence of the place. What a joy spending time in nature, with these magnificent animals, getting to know my Nature.Additionally, I met directly with the owner, Kelly Jones, for a documentary video project by ARISE Video Studio. She is a wonderful person, working to bring sacred ceremony and holistic therapy to men and women, with the help of horses. What an exciting offering. That is is the kind of Austin livin’ that inspires me.” – Cabe

“Such a peaceful place & very thoughtfully run. Kelly is wonderful!” – Crystal

“It’s hard and takes a lot of courage to show up and be vulnerable, but it is worth it… even while you’re kicking and screaming. It’s just a safe space for healing, even when your triggers make you feel unsafe and there’s a lot of power in that.” – Therapy Client

“Just a short note to say Thank You so much for a wonderful day and wonderful opportunity to learn.  It was a phenomenal experience.” – Survivor Retreat Participant

“Just a short note to tell you that the Mindfulness Retreat was the highlight of my year – Thank you for all of your offerings that day. It was a nurturing and well-run retreat”.

“Just a short note to say Thank You so much for a wonderful day and wonderful opportunity to learn.  It was a phenomenal experience.” OMG! This is the best Airbnb ever it’s so gorgeous… Airbnb Guest and Retreat Participant

Our students enjoyed a most meaningful, productive experience at your ranch. Thank you so much for walking the extra mile to make this day extra special for them and us:) They truly enjoyed being with the horses and grooming them. – LISD

Beautiful Moments of Authentic Connection