Finding Our Way

Truly I lay awake at night, wondering how I can get across to everyone the power of horses and what they do for us humans.  Most people look at a picture of a horse or even ride one and never give a thought to the soul of that animal. Yes, the soul of a horse…

No, I am not trying to offend anyone, but I will tell you that when you spend any quality time building a relationship with a horse, it will change your life.  These sentient beings offer us the opportunity to find ourselves and understand that when we do we have better relationships with everyone in our lives.

Now, how on Earth do I get this message out there?  I post pictures of people-who honestly had no idea what to expect when I asked them to come out to the ranch and work with a horse.  They are literally speechless (which is kind of the goal), and giddy, and overwhelmed and happier than they have been-sometimes in as long as they can remember.  Seriously!   I am not making this stuff up.  Men, women, young, old, emotionally healthy, emotionally broken, energetic and worn-out.  It doesn’t matter whether they are cynical and say, I don’t need this, I have my husband to be my sounding board…or please help me, I am losing my husband….or my daughter…or my sanity….or my job….or myself.  

If you come here, and you are struggling with your vocation, your marriage, your spirituality, your self-image, or even wonder why it seems like no one really “gets” you, and why you can’t seem to connect to anyone anymore.  Instead of hiding out in your apartment, or your house, or your job, or your addiction…why don’t you come hang out with a horse? Horses are non-judgmental.  They are authentic and immediate in their feedback about your state of mind.  They will show you exactly what you need to do in order to understand your husband or your children or yourself.  Yes, it is true, they really do.

Let’s take some of the women we have worked with for example.  Most of the time we don’t even know the vibe we are throwing off.  We think, “I have a smile on my face, my words are measured, my tone of voice is kind, I volunteer my time and give to others, I keep a clean house, and a perfect yard, and my laundry is always folded and put away…aren’t I supposed to be happy?  Aren’t I supposed to have real friends that I can talk with about real life? ”   Suddenly we hear a rumor going around about us, and we are stunned and deeply hurt.  Why would someone say those things about me? Don’t they know me any better than that?  And then you realize, they don’t.  We are afraid that they won’t like the real us, so we posture and pretend, then wonder eventually, who am I really?  

We create maladaptive patterns of behavior over the course of our lives which inhibit us from being vulnerable and showing people who we really are inside.  Now these patterns protect us we think.  And maybe when we were growing up they really did protect us.  But now, they are no longer necessary.  And, they are actually hurting us and our relationships.

Guess what?  When this pattern of behavior continues, it becomes ingrained and it is really hard to break the cycle. This is where the horse comes in.  The horses will only respond to the real you, the authentic you, the one inside that is dying to come out.  And in those moments when we glance ourselves again, and remember who we are, and how strong we are, and how valuable we are, just the way we are, the glimmer of light begins to shine in our souls, and that elusive feeling of contentment and even joy begins to seep in.  And when that happens, the creativity, clarity of thought, ability to make decisions, and intuition we need to navigate through life appears once again.  Yes, really…

If any of this sounds interesting, then please give it a shot.  We promise, nothing scary, no horseback riding, no pressure. Just an opportunity to create in life a change, and no longer settle for what we are used to.  Remember the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.  I promise, once you feel what real connection feels like, you will not settle for anything less, ever again.