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Life is short.  Simply put, there is more out there, and you can get unstuck from negative and unproductive patterns of behavior. These patterns develop over a lifetime, starting as a child, and oftentimes we are unaware that they are even present. Staying in an unhealthy but familiar “normal” will not bring you that elusive freedom and peace you seek.

I am a nature-based trauma recovery and life coach that integrates mindfulness and experiential healing to empower humans to recognize the strength and truth of their own intuition and true self.

I love journeying alongside my clients as they break through barriers, identify and shift unhealthy patterns, overcome obstacles that have been holding them back, develop resilience, and experience a new sense of wholeness, vitality and clarity. I am blessed to have the opportunity to fulfill a higher calling to serve and help those that are hurting, so that they can be all they were created to be and discover their own life purpose. 

My methods were developed through 25 years of experience and an in-depth and continuing study of the human body, spirituality, physiology, the nervous system and brain, and overall wellness.

Mind, Body and Spirit healing.

Sessions are gentle and supportive, and tools are provided to empower my clients to successfully cope with day-to-day setbacks and challenges. Learn how to be present in the moment, forgive yourself and others, recognize triggers,  have an open and curious mind, process through grief, pain, injury, fear and anger, while building resilience to thrive. 

I coach virtually and in-person, and lead wellness and corporate retreats in Colorado and Texas. I am grateful for referrals and love collaborating with other professionals.

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Be forever changed…

With  heart-centered awareness clients recognize sensations within their bodies, indicating emotion and are able to stay present, authentically connect to themselves and others, create and hold healthy boundaries, calm spinning thoughts and utilize intuition to stay safe, improving relationships and quality of life. Recognizing unhealthy patterns and shifting into new ways of experiencing each and every moment is transformational for quality of life, health and relationships. 

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Equine Coaching

Also offered is the opportunity to experience the powerful and life-changing moment of true connection with self and others, working with horses  one-on-one, as a couple, a family or come experience innovative team building workshops and mindfulness retreats.  Horses do not lie, their feedback is instant and authentic.  Gentle and powerful…

“Yesterday I received the gentlest, and most authentic healing session with Kelly and her horse Summer.  I am amazed at what I was shown by the sweetest spirit, Summer. I gained a different level of presence in my time with her, of being in my body, and having my brain online too. I easily get caught up in my thoughts in life- like most people. Horses are so amazing.

Kelly was an excellent guide for me, helping me to understand why Summer did different movements, or why she didn’t. I was shown how differently she responded to me when I wasn’t doubting myself. I can’t put to words how insightful & wonderful it was. Summer & Kelly both were authentic & loving way-showers. I left my session feeling light, energized, totally wowed & grateful. Summer was so special to me yesterday. I have so much to learn by connecting to animals!! I hope this touches someone that is looking for support or a fresh perspective, and that you can find it with the horses & Kelly “ – Casie

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No previous horse experience is necessary or expected; activities do not always include horseback riding.