Creating Healthier Horses and Relationships

After 25 years of daily caring for hundreds of horses of all genders, breeds, disciplines and temperaments, it is a life’s calling to provide more understanding of the needs of horses to their human caretakers and partners. Studying the behavior of horses in the wild, horses in a domesticated situations and listening to and observing commonly held beliefs about horses, drove me to put together a program to support horses and their human counterparts, in order to provide a higher quality of life and safety for both species.

Regardless of circumstances, past history, long held beliefs or stage of life there are certain truths that will impact the success of horse ownership/management. These truths are based on the Five Freedoms.

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort through appropriate environment
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease
  • Freedom to express normal behavior
  • Freedom from fear and distress

My methodology and approach is based on the basic idea that horses were created independently of humans and when humans make the decision to integrate horses into their lives, we must recognize that this creature we have intentionally woven into our lives has needs of its own and it is our responsibility to meet those needs.

When we know basic information about horses, learn to listen and practice patience, the sky is the limit for the success of the partnership. My program teaches owners and caretakers vital information that covers physical, mental and emotional needs of horses, which in turn will create safety and respect, as well as meeting goals associated with the horse/human partnership.

I am also an Equine Wellness Touch Practitioner.

What is Equine Wellness Touch?

Equine Wellness Touch is a simple, light touch application that helps a horse be in coherence—the natural resting state of an open, calm heart. We humans can also achieve coherence, as our horses do, and EWT helps us all get there!

EWT is a powerful tool that can be used to create calm and receptivity in almost any circumstance with a horse—-before a vet or farrier visit, for example, or prior to hauling, showing, grooming or any kind of riding, or any type of additional bodywork.  

EWT is a trust-building tool that becomes a foundation for everything you wish to accomplish with your horse.

A calm, focused, and trusting horse is a more flexible, cooperative, and resilient partner with its human. 

EWT is a training method you can use every day, or in demanding situations, to create ease and elasticity in your horse. 

EWT allows your horse to be more open and agreeable for anything else you wish to do next!

EWT is a path to wellness—-that state of well-being and calm energy that creates the opportunity for happiness.

What it is NOT: EWT is not chiropractic. It is not osteopathy. It does not correct or address subluxations, the holy grail of the chiropractic adjustment. 


  • Horse Buying Consultation
  • Horse Care 101
  • Relationship and Connection with Horses
  • Nutrition, First Aid, Common Practices
  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Facility Management and Business Consultation
  • Commonly Held Myths
  • Equine Wellness Touch Bodywork