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Kelly Jones Certified Equine Professional, Mindfulness Coach and Healer, Retreat and Team-Building Facilitator

Kelly Jones is a mindfulness expert, coach, author, retreat facilitator and certified equine professional with the Natural Lifemanship Institute who is passionate about supporting people who are struggling with that feeling of being stuck. Since committing to this passion in 2013, she has helped many men, women and children break through mental and emotional limitations, develop deep insights, heal from life-long traumas and develop and grow healthy and safe relationships.

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Through her innovative method of partnering with horses, whether in a team with a licensed mental health professional, as a private coach or facilitating wellness retreats, her clients gain awareness, and experience a lifelong transformational shift as they reconnect to themselves and others. This journey helps them gain clarity and confidence, so that relationships improve as they get from where they are, to where they want to be.

What is it about being in the presence of horses that is so settling for the human being? What is it that seems to cause our bodies, minds, and spirits to heal when we spend time with them?

For over two decades, Kelly has been on a deeply personal journey to explore these questions within the context of being a single mom, a ranch owner and a horse professional. Recognizing that learning about horse behavior and then translating their authentic response to humans who are struggling, could be life-changing, Kelly’s life mission is to bring this healing model to as many as possible. Having had the opportunity to partner in over 5000 hours of one-on-one equine therapy sessions with 10 licensed therapists, plus years of experience providing retreats and coaching sessions, Kelly provides her clients support and guidance as they journey to healing, overcoming destructive patterns, fears and the symptoms of past traumas. This coupled with decades of studying horse behavior, has provided her with the experience to safety support her clients whether coaching, facilitating retreats or mentoring other equine professionals and therapists.

While working with Kelly clients are able to:

  • Recognize safety
  • Gain insight
  • Regain clarity
  • Learn to trust
  • Discover and prioritize spiritual connection to self and others
  • Feel empowered
  • Experience vulnerability
  • Overcome sleeplessness and stored body pain

What about her equine partners? Equine behavior and welfare are a top priority for Kelly, and her deep love and respect for these gracious sentient beings grows daily. She continuously pursues knowledge and training through experts in equine facilitated activities and therapy, integrating mindfulness, treating trauma, human nuero-science, and horse behavior.  Kelly’s personal herd includes Leda, Fancy, Summer and Willow, all powerful and gentle mares, who have led many humans to find their essence and their own sense of self.  She also partners with horses at other locations, with intention to keep every horse and human safe and engaged.

Since the pandemic, Kelly has been providing virtual coaching sessions and has had much success.  In addition, with an on-site Airbnb, Kelly is able to offer weekend intensives. Click here to schedule a FREE initial coaching or mentoring session with Kelly to discuss your specific goals.

Having experienced many challenges and setbacks in her own life, Kelly knows first hand how devastating these hurts can be.  After many years of seeking intentional healing, she discovered how her life was transformed by learning about presence, rediscovering her own essential self and then vulnerably searching for true mind, body, spirit connection experiencing how powerful this shift can be.

Kelly received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in Marketing from Texas Tech University and has also worked as an Equine Consultant to many ranches and resorts including the award-winning Miraval Resort and Spa and The Retreat at Balcones Springs, in addition to managing her own ranch in the Texas Hill Country. She is a mother to her beloved two children, Ben and Katrina and in her spare time, she enjoys photography, fly fishing, skiing, hiking, reading and gardening.

To purchase Kelly’s Book, Unbridled Connection: Soul Discovery Through Nature and Horses, click here. This is a collection of Kelly’s favorite photographs and inspirational quotes, intended to provide the reader with an overwhelming feeling of calm on any page of the book. From cute kids and horses, to stunning landscapes and the beauty of nature, Kelly is able to capture the beauty that reminds us to Be Still and Know. 

To find out more about the wellness retreats Kelly is co-facilitating in Texas and Colorado, click here. Kelly has been providing wellness retreats since 2015, and has seen transformational life change. The ability to tend to mind, body and spirit, in a natural setting, experiencing safety and peace, is just the first step to renewal and connection. Integrating work with horses, art, mindful movement, farm to table meals prepared by our own chef, and beautiful accommodations provides an all around beautiful and healing experience. Space is limited so that our participants have an incredibly fulfilling experience in an intimate setting. Collaboration is the key to a total experience, and so that is why Kelly partners with other like-minded and experienced professionals.

If you are interested in finding out more about coaching or are a horse owner or facility owner interested in finding out more about equine assisted learning, equine assisted mental health, improving your relationship with your horse, want help on worrisome issues affecting your horse, are a new horse owner, or are interested in finding out about purchasing a horse for the first time, click here to schedule a FREE coaching or mentoring session with Kelly.

Who can benefit from this work? Anyone at any age.  Kelly has helped women struggling with narcissist partners, those healing from traumatic brain injuries, men and women who are experiencing chronic fatigue, many struggling with anxiety and depression, teenagers who are searching for confidence and a sense of self, couples who are struggling in their relationship, those who are mourning loss and more.  There is usually no horseback riding, and any riding that is done is purposeful to help regulate and heal the nervous system. No experience with horse is expected or required, and you don’t even have to like horses for this modality to be effective.


Here is what others have to say:

“While I have known Kelly Jones for less than a year, she has certainly made an impression on me with her profound knowledge and integrity to the art of healing with horses. I’ve personally attended her intensive retreats and can attest her unique gift to nurture, hold space and challenge attendees to greater levels of presence and awareness.” – Chaitali P,  Director of Programming, Miraval Resorts

“After just the first session at Unbridled Connection, Kelly was able to help me tap into myself, the me that had been stacked underneath years and years of life and trauma. After another session or two, I was able to crawl out from underneath that stack and make choices that had been sitting in front of me for a long time, but I wasn’t able to see clearly until that moment. Clarity is such a wonderful thing! I realized that I had been in a fog from heavy emotional abuse and control for over a decade and now I saw the truth. I felt a peace that I’ve never felt before as Kelly explained a lot of science on how our brains and bodies process trauma and then shared how to work my way out of it. Kelly is patient, kind, giving and full of knowledge. I don’t consider myself a victim anymore…I’m a survivor!” – Lara B.

“What a wonderful experience. Kelly opened my mind, my heart and my spirit with Assisted Equine Mindfulness Work. She helped me experience healing from my childhood traumas! The horses taught me how to be present to the truth and not to listen to my spinning mind.” – Letty C.

“Just a short note to tell you that the Mindfulness Retreat was the highlight of my year – Thank you for all of your offerings that day. It was a nurturing and well-run retreat”. – Anna P

“Kelly you are truly gifted with connecting with horses and teaching that to others.  I am looking forward to continuing my journey with horses.” – Sharlene A.

“It’s hard and takes a lot of courage to show up and be vulnerable, but it is worth it… even while you’re kicking and screaming. It’s just a safe space for healing, even when your triggers make you feel unsafe and there’s a lot of power in that.” – Jamie H