horse therapy

Kelly Jones and her mare, Leda

Kelly Jones is a mom, entrepreneur, ranch owner, author, mindfulness expert, experienced coach and retreat facilitator, a certified equine professional with the Natural Lifemanship Institute, a graduate of Leif Hallberg’s Masterclass and a woman on a mission who is passionate about supporting people who are struggling with that feeling of being stuck.


Whether working with clients virtually or in person as a compassionate and supportive coach, facilitating a wellness retreat or helping teams reconnect it is a priority to support and walk beside each of them with the goal of clarity, freedom from fear, a renewed sense of empowerment and ability to focus on relationships with self and others. Kelly consistently provides insight and tangible tools that create long-lasting positive change, overcoming unhealthy patterns. 

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Kelly’s Story

A lifelong horse lover, Kelly was blessed to realize her dream of creating a business centered around these sentient and majestic beings in 1999, when she purchased a ranch north of Austin, Texas and began boarding horses and teaching riding lessons. In addition Kelly volunteered with local rescue groups to rehabilitate neglected and traumatized horses, became a breeder of Arabian crosses, directed summer camps, and assisted owners with their equine partners.

In 2013 the persistent question of the power of the horse to calm her clients and create confidence and a renewed sense of self, she intentionally set out to find out why. Finding out more about neuro science and the human brain was amazing, as the search for answers led her to the Natural Lifemanship Institute where she began her certification journey.

In 2014 Kelly was blessed with the opportunity intern with Tim Jobe, one of the founders of the Natural Lifemanship Institute, at an equine-assisted mental health facility that worked with the foster care system alongside licensed professionals. In 2015 she converted her ranch into an equine assisted mental health facility and partnered with 10 different licensed therapists over the course of six years. With thousands of hours of experience partnering with these gifted individuals, Kelly was able to learn and dive deeper into her commitment to provide humans an opportunity to truly experience safety and peace.

Since committing to this passion-driven work in 2013, she has helped many men, women and children break through mental, emotional and even physical limitations, develop deep insights, heal from life-long traumas and develop, nurture and grow healthy and safe relationships.

Kelly created an innovative method of partnering with horses while studying mindfulness and spirituality, experiencing for herself the healing power of working in nature. Her goal is that each person is able to gain awareness, and experience a lifelong transformational shift as they reconnect to themselves and others. This work helps clients gain clarity and confidence, so that relationships improve as they get from where they are, to where they want to be.

Here is what others have to say:

“After just the first session at Unbridled Connection, Kelly was able to help me tap into myself, the me that had been stacked underneath years and years of life and trauma. After another session or two, I was able to crawl out from underneath that stack and make choices that had been sitting in front of me for a long time, but I wasn’t able to see clearly until that moment. Clarity is such a wonderful thing! I realized that I had been in a fog from heavy emotional abuse and control for over a decade and now I saw the truth. I felt a peace that I’ve never felt before as Kelly explained a lot of science on how our brains and bodies process trauma and then shared how to work my way out of it. Kelly is patient, kind, giving and full of knowledge. I don’t consider myself a victim anymore…I’m a survivor!” – Lara B.

“What a wonderful experience. Kelly opened my mind, my heart and my spirit with Assisted Equine Mindfulness Work. She helped me experience healing from my childhood traumas! The horses taught me how to be present to the truth and not to listen to my spinning mind.” – Letty C.

“Just a short note to tell you that the Mindfulness Retreat was the highlight of my year – Thank you for all of your offerings that day. It was a nurturing and well-run retreat”. – Anna P

“Kelly you are truly gifted with connecting with horses and teaching that to others.  I am looking forward to continuing my journey with horses.” – Sharlene A.

“It’s hard and takes a lot of courage to show up and be vulnerable, but it is worth it… even while you’re kicking and screaming. It’s just a safe space for healing, even when your triggers make you feel unsafe and there’s a lot of power in that.” – Jamie H