Our Mission

We support military and first responders, and their families, by providing a safe, confidential, therapeutic environment that promotes healing through deeper connections and improved relationships

Why are We Here?

We are here to serve those who serve. We want to be the first choice for these brave men and women, not a last resort.

Incidence of traumatic stress, substance abuse, depression, panic attacks, and anxiety are at an all-time high among the men and women who serve.  Far too many are unemployed and homeless.  Suicides are rising at an alarming rate. Our military and first responders face critical, stressful events every day, with few avenues to help them when times get tough.

Unbridled Connection exists to support the members of our military, both active duty and veterans, and first responders.  We offer multi-modal, trauma-informed services in a private ranch setting.  Our program utilizes proven methods, tailored to meet the needs of each individual, and is as unique as the men and women we serve.  Horses and nature are at the center of our program, because we believe they provide a solid and peaceful environment for true healing.

Our therapy teams are experienced, well-trained and passionate.  They understand the unique needs of the men and women in uniform.  We provide individualized experiences that will transform lives, focusing on relationships and long-term healing. Our program helps clients deal with trauma and gives them the tools they need to continue serving. We do not take this responsibility lightly, and we honor the privacy and confidentiality of each individual, taking extreme measures to protect identities and keep everyone safe. We are here to offer assistance to those on the front lines, serving our communities and our country. Our goal is to save lives and save families.

What We Believe

Safety and confidentiality are critical to our success. Our clients deserve to have their identities protected at ALL times.

 Bring the best therapists to the program who employ cutting edge techniques.

 The best therapy is NOT one size fits all. Each client and patient is different, so our proven approaches must be tailored to meet each individual’s unique needs.

 Nature provides the right environment for healing from trauma.

 Our horses work willingly in our program and deserve the best possible care. We ensure they are monitored for burn-out and have ample time off to rest.

 Therapy should be affordable to all who seek it.

We are a 501(c)3, focused on legacy work and serving our community, so our passion for people motivates us to offer every opportunity possible for people to experience connection with our horses and our team. We offer horse therapy, equine assisted learning, equine experiences, coaching, workshops, group retreats and team building and leadership development training.